Sunday, March 4, 2012

I miss Utah....

I am totally and 100% an Idaho girl at heart.
I will defend Idaho in any "my-state-is-better" battle.
It is a beautiful, happy place.
Simple as that. 

I always knew that I really liked Utah, but I have recently realized just how much I love that place.
I love the people.
I Love the many tiny cities all bunched together.
I Love seeing churches on every corner.
I Love being close to a BIG city.
(and to those of you living in Rexburg...I.F. doesn't count as a big city.)
I love the friends I've made down there
and I miss them DEARLY
What is one of the biggest things I miss about Utah?

The Mountains.

(This building just makes me happy)

I don't know how I brought myself to leave these beauties.
All I know is....I will be back.


Bloomability said...

well utah misses you too!
and so do i.
and so does leigh
and so does everyone else.
i'm so happy you came to say hi.
made my whole weekend!
love you

Leigh said...

Rachael said it all! & I do believe we should tag the missionary building for Taylor when he gets back...

Judy said...

It is beautiful but I miss Idaho. I miss your mom.

symony said...

I miss you!