About Riss

My name is Marissa, but you can call me Riss, or whatever you wanna call me, actually. I was born and raised in the small town of Idaho Falls (IF for short). I was the only girl for years, so I can be very feisty. Don't believe me? Just you wait my little buddy. Actually, I might be all talk, I guess I'll let you decide. Either way, i'm not too worried about it because you are obviously still here reading my blog, which means I own you. Continue reading young grasshopper.

I have three brothers and one sister. All of these individuals in my life are certifiably crazy. I love them all, but they are all like me, which is...crazy. 

My parents are two of the most amazing people I know. My father worked as a farmer for many many years while I was young. He has since fallen ill to numerous debilitating illnesses which have left him unable to work. Poor little guy. Then you have my mother. She worked as a Registered Nurse for several years. She now takes care of my father full time. What a life eh?

Now, for the real stuff about me, and what you might need to know about me to understand my everyday blog. There is not a whole lot to know, but ya know, a few things. Here and there. Whatever.

I am active in the  L.D.S. Church.What does this mean? That means I'm a Latter Day Saint. Better known as a "Mormon". Yes, as a Latter Day Saint, I do not participate in drinking, smoking, or engage in immoral behavior. I will be the very first one to admit that I am NOT EVEN KIND OF CLOSE TO PERFECT! Ha, that is even humorous to  even think about. I do try extremely hard tho, and that is what matters I think.  I hope you wont dismiss me with the typical stereotype of the "Mormons" you might know. It is up to you, but I am who I am.

I am sooo interested in the medical field. It doesn't matter if it is something as small as putting a band aid on a scraped knee, or as big as watching a toe amputation. (Yes, I've participated in both those activities) That being said, it should be obvious that I would like nothing more than to work in the medical field. Original plan was to be a nurse. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO GET INTO NURSING?! Well, you will probably hear me vent about it. The plan in the works would be to change my major to pre-med, and then going to P.A (physicians assistant) school. 

I am scatter brained. I know what I want out of life, I'm just working on how to actually get it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out how i've visually planned it to be. 

And that, my friends, is where you all get to sit back and enjoy the ride of watching me sift thru this thing called life. It can be strangely entertaining. I welcome anyone and everyone who wants to join in the fun, to join and leave plenty of comments. I enjoy hearing from you all. It helps me feel motivated to keep writing, if I know I have people reading my stuff. So, long story long, leave a comment once in a while. 

P.S....Follow my blog. I don't care if I know you really well, or not at all. I put my writing out  there for the world to see. So join in the fun! Seriously!