Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Take action

Everyone that reads this blog is very well aware of my love affair with Africa.
Since the day I was introduced to the Invisible children organization by some great friends in high school, I have followed it.
If I had endless amounts of money....I would fund this organization myself.

The newest movement being made by the Invisible children organization is the:

Kony2012 campaign. 

This comes at a perfect time to run along side with all the politicians.

So many people are unaware as to who Joseph Kony is, that they will watch the Kony2012 video just to see what it is all about.

This is not about Celebrating Joseph Kony.
It is simply about making him famous.
Famous to allow him to be located and arrested for forcing young girls and women to be sex slaves and forcing young boys to be child soldiers.

Please watch this video so you are informed about what is going on.
I don't usually get involved in organizations, but how can you walk away from these innocent children?

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